About Us

At a time when the government intends to nudge the entire media at its fingertips, and not only the media owner but even the journalists have their own agenda. When organisations are willing to play to any extent with information and news for commercial and political gain. There should not be any kind of concern with the country, society, and the common man. People's trust has lost from the news given on newspapers and news channels. In such situation, there is a need for a platform on which public journalism can be planted. Not under any beneficial agenda, but with an open mind, the truth can be put before the common man, which should be put before him. Glowing Thoughts has just pledged to shape this idea. Glowing Thoughts Originally founded by independent journalists on their voyage to build a news media company that encourages and appreciates real and accurate news, Glowing thoughts is an initiative and a step taken forward by the readers and for the readers.